Paul from Auburn Hills, Michigan

Manager Technical Support Services

What do you do at syncreon?

I am the Manager for our Technical Services team members based in North and South America. My team is responsible for supporting just about any device our employees interact with; laptops, desktops, rugged scanners, pocket PCs, label/laser printers, mobile phones, etc. In addition of overseeing the support for these devices I work to ensure that we are constantly evaluating new technologies and am responsible for establishing the standards for the equipment we use in our offices and shop floors.

What is important for you in your job?

The most important thing to me is feeling that I have a path to advance within my organization. I have been with syncreon for just over four years, starting in 2011 as a Service Desk technician I have seen my career with syncreon grow in direct relation to the dedicated effort I have put into my various roles. syncreon’s desire to internally grow its people has been evident across the teams I have worked with here and knowing that my company wants to help me develop is extremely important to me.

If syncreon was a sport, what would it be?

Ice Hockey… the action never stops, you will have a strong team with great communication and odds are strong there will be a good amount of Europeans on the ice with you!

Why syncreon?

syncreon is a great fit for me because there is always something to be working toward. Especially in IT, it’s imperative to stay competitive and this means that we are always looking to the future and testing and implementing new technology. We never settle for the status quo and we are always working on creative solutions to problems.

What have you learned at syncreon?

The list is far too long to include! I have been exposed to many aspects of the IT business that I never would have imagined -- from budgeting to training plan development, and each with the fundamental view of a global perspective. The most important thing I have learned is how important it is for an employee to feel that they have an open line of communication with their leadership. My leaders have created an environment where it’s always safe to ask a question or toss out an idea. This has been the most important element of my career development and I hope to pass this same feeling on to all those who work for me in the future.