Jacqueline from Memphis, Tennessee

Human Resource Manager

What do you do at syncreon?

My primary functions as Human Resources Manager include but not limited to: Recruitment, hiring, employee onboarding, training, employee relations, performance management, policy implementation, and employment law compliance. I am also in charge of safety and purchasing for my team.

What is important for you in your job?

I value the ability to work as a team to:
• exceed expectations,
• help create a safe work environment,
• advocate for our employees,
• support the company growth,
• learn new skills,
• advance my career, and
• enjoy and love what I do.

If syncreon was a sport, what would it be?

synceon would be basketball – syncreon’s culture is very similar to basketball in that it is a fast paced company, with common goals, and the need to key players (employees) to succeed.

Why syncreon?

I chose to work for syncreon because it is a successful growing global company.

What have you learned at syncreon?

At syncreon, I have witnessed that effort, consistency and dedication are the key components for success.